Shaun O'Connor – Creative Technology Director


Nissan 370 Z – Zen to Z

We developed an exhilaration scale Zen to Z in order to prove that the new Nissan 370Z is more exhilarating than you think.

We responded to Nissan's challenge by creating a fun way to measure exhilaration, a scale from Zen to Z. The key to this campaign's success was the recruitment of a test subject - the Zen Master - an excellent control subject to test due to his low heart rate.

He was hooked up to a heart-rate monitor and then his exhilaration levels were tested with activities including a plane flying dramatically close to his head, a high speed street luge, being dropped from a great height in a specialised life raft, driving a tank through an abandoned house and finally being behind the wheel of the Nissan 370Z. Tequila's scale was effective and proved successful with the Nissan 370Z experience the most exhilarating for the Zen Master.


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Shaun O'Connor