Shaun O'Connor – Creative Technology Director


The Naked Ute

Tough comes from within.

The Volkswagen Amarok was a newcomer to the Australian market. But, because of its sleek European styling, hardcore Aussie blokes didn’t think it was tough enough to cope with tough Australian conditions.

People were judging the Amarok by its cover. So we removed the cover. We stripped the Amarok of everything that identified it, forcing Australians to judge it without brand prejudice, and on performance alone. We created The Naked Ute.

We launched with a national unbranded campaign, asking Australia to guess what they thought the Naked Ute was. Later, to everyone’s surprise, we revealed that the Naked Ute was actually the Volkswagen Amarok.

As the public followed our Amarok cynic’s journey online, we ran unbranded teaser TVC’s encouraging the public to guess what The Naked Ute was. This was viewed on TV as well as our unbranded website, facebook page and paid facebook posts.



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Shaun O'Connor