Shaun O'Connor – Creative Director

United Nations – Voices

United Nations – Voices


Problem : The people who really need to be heard are the ones who don't normally have a voice.

Idea : To give everyone a voice. Really give them a voice. By using revolutionary mobile digital image recognition technology we can make a poster and press talk for the very first time.

Note : This campaign was created and ran in 2008.


How it works : 

The campaign features outdoor posters, print and online elements. These are combined to reinforce the message of giving a voice to those whose plight normally goes unseen and unheard.

People around Australia were encouraged to take a mobile phone photo of the featured person’s mouth and send it to a number on the poster as a text message.

Using digital image recognition technology and an Australian first call back service, the sender receives a return phone call with a pre-recorded message from the person they have photographed, giving a brief insight into how they live and highlighting some of the issues they face.

The message then directs people to a UN website where visitors can leave their own comments and thoughts, turning the original seven voices into thousands.



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