Shaun O'Connor – Creative Director

McDonald's – RMHC

MCDONALD's – Mchappy day


How the Big Mac became the Big thanks.

We wanted to leverage the power of a face-to-face interaction to show the customer the affect their donation has on a charity. We tapped into the power of face-to-face interaction by bringing together donators with the children and families who have benefitted from RMHC.

Those who purchased a Big Mac on 14 October received their burger in a special edition burger box that was decorated inside and out with a children’s drawing on it.

We engaged the talents of six children across the country who were staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses to draw a scene that made them happy.

The scenes ranged from two sisters playing in a park to a boy and his family having fun near their local river. On the inside was a family portrait drawn by the child and a message encouraging the customer to scan the inside of the box to watch their story.


The children’s designs were dropped over the box outline, printed, mass produced and circulated all over Australia. There were six boxes in total which were exclusive to select states.

When opening the box, a message encouraging you to visit a link to scan the inside of the box to view a video message from one of the RMHC families was displayed. When the scan was completed, it launched a video from one of the families telling their story. The stories shared by the parents provided an insight to the things RMHC does to make the children feel more comfortable in a sterile hospital environment as well as away from their parents and siblings.

In total over 3.8 million boxes were produced, turning a usually plain burger box into a limited edition collectable that contained an interactive piece connecting a family who has benefitted from RMHC to the everyday consumer.

Each child who designed their own box was featured in their local media, raising awareness of their individual stories and the illness of the child. The boxes themselves were picked up by morning television in Australia and contributed to helping raise over AUD $4 million for RMHC. In addition to the donations, the boxes increased awareness of the charity and strengthened the consumer’s perceptions of the charity.


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