Shaun O'Connor – Creative Director

Instagram Hack



We were tasked with getting millennials interested in personalised plates. This created a problem – we know they hate personalised plates just as much as they hate ads.

There’s even an Instagram account (@boganplates run by a millennial) that documents the worst of them.

We went into their world of Instagram and hacked it. The Instagram Stories tools they use everyday became a way to create personalised plates and share them with friends.


Instagram Hack


This hack created a new way for millennials to share their
creativity (themselves) and in-turn, co-create our entire campaign.


We did this without building a new app, without writing any new code and without creating a new user experience.

With little to no budget, we were able to get millennials creating and sharing plates with their followers. What they didn’t realise, is that every plate shared was an ad for KiwiPlates.

Millennials went from hating plates to becoming brand ambassadors for them.


KiwiPlates – Test Drive a Plate case study


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